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In the same year she recorded her most successful record, Aire, with the hits "¿Qué Te Pasa?

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Yuri's first album, Tú Iluminas Mi Vida, was released on Gamma Records in 1978.

Her father wanted her to pursue a college degree, and her mother, convinced of Yuri's talent and charisma, supported her artistic endeavor.

In the mid-1970s, she and her mother left the rest of the family in Veracruz to pursue a record deal in Mexico City without her father's consent or economic support.

The band played at fiestas and important festivals around the city of Veracruz; at one of these festivals she had the opportunity to sing with Celia Cruz.

During another performance, Julio Jaramillo, an executive producer from the recording studio Gamma, discovered her talent as a singer.

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