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Since you say you live in a big city, you could check to see if there's a Catholic Underground group.By now, Apple's introduction of new i Pods each year is hardly a surprise.And it finally comes with a built-in back clip, so you can attach the player to your shirt or pocket when you're exercising or walking around. The built-in pedometer, introduced on the last Nano, seems like a better idea now that the gadget has a more portable body.You also don't need to worry whether you've clipped it on upside down, as Apple included a feature that lets you flip the screen's orientation by twisting two fingers on the screen.It cut the video recording and playback features from the Nano to shrink it while adding a touch screen, and went back in time stylistically to rework the tiny Shuffle.

For the most part, very few of my friends are Catholic, and my friends who are Catholic do not observe the principle of "waiting for marriage".Since the Touch doesn't have a phone number that people can call for a Face Time chat, you must choose which email address (or addresses) people can use to reach you.The Touch also comes with Apple's new game centre app, which lets you keep track of your gaming scores and play games against friends.If the old Nano said, "Take me with you," the new Nano screams, "Only a fool would leave me at home!" It's less than half the size of the old Nano and fits in even the smallest pocket.

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