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Take the canker from my Facebook feed this weekend: Quartzy Global Life Style editor David Kaufman attempted to explain why former first daughter Malia Obama would be kissing a fellow Harvard student who is — gasp — a white guy.(Never mind the fact that Obama just may like 19-year-old Rory Farquharson.) Kaufman trudged out all the expected facts: According to a Pew Research poll, only 30 percent of black adults were married as of 2015. (Insert That means Markle will be the first woman of color to enter the notoriously stodgy British monarchy. This 33-year-old Highness brings out the cougar in me.

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In just six years, between 20, the Office for National Statistics estimates that the number of divorced women over 45 has jumped by a third.And, yes, it’s really hard for black women — especially those with degrees — to marry an equally yoked brother, because black men don’t go to college and they all end up in jail. So this is why I sat at yet another Thanksgiving dinner table without a partner at my side — because nobody finds me attractive? If black women are so undesirable, why is everything from our cornrows to our curvy behinds being appropriated by the likes of the Kardashians?(Sarcasm intended.) And then Kaufman threw in this almost four-year-old factoid pointing to OKCupid: black women are America’s least-desired group by men of all races. These stats continue to reinforce the jacked-up notion that the single, college-educated woman is on the fast track to old maid status, and that makes happiness more and more elusive.And we’re seeing more and more high-profile examples of black women experiencing joy in nontraditional romantic partnerships. Philly-bred rapper Eve, who married British millionaire Maximillion Cooper three years ago, caught some internet hell for marrying a white man, but they’re still going strong.(She even recently started her new gig as one of the cohosts of CBS’s performed at the wedding. And what if marriage — whether it’s to a blue-collar dreamer or a white-collar schemer — doesn’t turn out to be a woman’s perfect life scenario?

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