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Robbie has a more objective view of New York's super heroes, judging them by their actions, and has aided Spider-Man and other heroes on many occasions.

Joe realized he had never fully recovered from his early encounters with Tombstone, and that the killer had a strange sort of hold over him.Over the next twenty years, Robbie rose through the ranks to become the Bugle's city editor and one of the city's most respected journalists.He formed a close friendship with the Bugle's publisher and editor-in-chief, J.A massive albino taunted by his peers because of his appearance, the brutal Lonnie considered Robbie a friend of sorts since Robbie was one of the few who never mocked him; however, when Lonnie began using his considerable strength to extort money from classmates, Robbie prepared a story for the Harlem High paper exposing Lonnie's activities.Ambushing Robbie after school, Tombstone beat him bloody until Robbie agreed to kill the story, which never saw print.

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