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One of his remarkable traits is his perfectly unkempt hair, and the mystery of how he maintains its bed-headed perfection, which Dean Pelton describes as "crispy" to the touch.

As the show progresses Jeff starts dealing with his anxious and hateful feelings towards his father, who abandoned him.

By the end of Season 3, Jeff has reconciled his roles as suspended lawyer and head of the study group: he ignores his sleazy former law colleague's promise/threat to either get Jeff back into the firm or ruin his career based on whether he throws Shirley's sandwich-shop case, wins the proceeding for her, and accepts Shirley and Pierce's joint offer to have him serve as managing counsel for their new joint shop venture.

His father divorced his mother when he was very young and later had another child named Willy Jr. Jeff was once a highly successful defense attorney with the law firm Hamish, Hamish, and Hamlin founded by Ted.Jeff enjoys being in positions of authority and command and acts as the effective leader of the group.It becomes apparent that several members of the group rely on him playing this patriarchal role, though Pierce Hawthorne, as an elder male and the most sociopathic member of the group, naturally resists and tends to insult Jeff whenever he can, despite Pierce's lack of wit.The season 3 finale, "Introduction to Finality," shows Jeff finally making an attempt to contact his father.He also admits that he thinks of himself as "broken".

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