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A year later, in 1770, he bought an eighty acre farm on the eastern bank of the Schuylkill River where he built a home he named “The Hills” in an area that is now Fairmount Park.

This beautiful estate had a greenhouse where he grew oranges and pineapples, two farmhouses, barns, and various other buildings.

When an American ship arrived in Havana, he returned home to Philadelphia.

Around this time Charles Willing retired and his son, Thomas Willing, took over.

At one point during the Seven Years War (1756-1763) Robert was sent as a ship captain on a trading mission to Jamaica where he was captured by French Privateers.

Fortunately he escaped with his crew and took refuge in Cuba, where they scraped out a living.

As a result of the accident, he died of blood poisoning on July 12, 1750.

He was also worried that the colonists were not really prepared for a war with the superpower of the day.When Robert’s father died in 1750, he was left alone, without family, at the age of 16, in a new continent.Robert set to work, and in his twenties he took some of his earnings and joined a few friends in creating the London Coffee House, an institution which the Philadelphia Stock Exchange claims as its origin.He was considered a mercantile genius, and was the first to keep his accounts in money rather than in gallons, pounds, yards, etc. gave a dinner party on board one of the ships of the company.As he left the ship in a small boat, a farewell salute was fired from the ship and wadding from the shot burst through the side of the boat and severely injured him.

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