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In difficult circumstances, the Creggan FA sought to provide hope. "We used to have football morning, noon and night, especially in the summer, we had all leagues for all ages," says O'Doherty. To say I dedicated myself to it makes it sound like a sacrifice when the truth was I loved it.Just the sheer energy of being involved with great people.There was no employment and then they would ask why people here were getting involved in alcohol and drugs and things like that and the answer is quite simply because they had nothing to get up for."Even now, while it has improved considerably, the problem we are experiencing here is the lack of employment. We're still waiting on the good road from Dublin to Derry, from Belfast to Derry." These days, O'Donnell is chair of a healthy living programme that looks after residents of all ages.The Heal to Hurt organisation supports those battling addiction.At night time, there's a kids club which Mc Clean attended when the original Corned Beef Tin lookalike was still standing.

O'Doherty was told the British government had blocked it because it portrayed the community in a sympathetic light.

The new community was the local corporation's response to overcrowding in the Bogside.

Housing for Catholic families was a pressing need and the geographical location - up a steep hill near the border with Co Donegal - allowed the Unionist majority to manage the electoral wards and maintain their influence.

In Creggan, he has the presence of a manager on the sideline, monitoring everything that is going on in front of him. The driver, Charlie Ferry, was his team-mate on the 1974 Finn Harps FAI Cup-winning side. Across the street from where O'Doherty is standing, there's a mural of his younger self, a decorated player in both the Irish League and League of Ireland and a twice-capped Northern Ireland international.

There is a wave, a shout or a gesture for everyone that passes. He was one of the chosen ones when artists were tasked with producing portraits of sporting stars to cover the graffiti-laden walls dotted between shop fronts. To the right of the profile of O'Doherty, there is a sketch of Olympic boxer Charlie Nash.

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