What are recommended safety precautions for online dating infamous dating game contestants

Its always good to contact your family of friends before, during and after the meeting, so that they know you are alright, having to make contact with someone else also lets the person you are meeting know that you have friends looking out for you.

It's always good to take a cell phone, that way you can arrange for your friends or family to call and check on you, rather than having to call someone yourself.

If you think that members you have blocked have signed up under another address to abuse you please let us know.

Watch for Warning Signs Watch for warning signs by paying attention to any displays of anger, excessive frustration, or attempts to pressure or control you.

Earn each other's trust before taking it to the next level.

Make sure that they provide consistent age, interests, employment and marital status.

Be aware that indirect answers to direct questions may indicate dishonesty. NZDating keeps profiles brief, allowing a great deal of scope in asking lots of basic questions.

Remember your safety is far more important than one person's opinion of you.

Protect your Personal Information Always protect your personal information.

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