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While it may not be true that robbers pressed a gun to Lochte’s temple, it is true that uniformed security guards drew their weapons and began yelling, in Portuguese, about handing over cash.

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And Lea is so great, she's such a great scene partner, she's so funny.Here's what she said: ET: Who would be the camp MVP? Dover: I'm going to go with Lea De Laria, Boo, because she's a people gatherer. I could see Yael Stone's character, Lorna Morello, with Ken Marino's character, Victor. On June 8, Lochte and his fiancée, Kayla Rae Reid, celebrated the birth of their first son, Caiden Zane, a boy who, like just about all children out there in the world, will almost certainly at some point in his life play fast and loose with the truth in conversation with his parents and subsequently suffer the consequences.(It’s unlikely those consequences will include global scorn, career ruin, and international legal issues at the age of 32, though.) A few weeks later, on June 30, Lochte’s 10-month suspension from the U. national swim team ended, enabling him to begin what he insists will be a push to swim in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

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