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(4EO) Eric Banton Eric Campbell Eric's Memories of Oriana Eric Edwards Eric Mc Guffie Eric Pinches Eric Smith Eric Snowden Eric Speekenbrink Eric Stancliffe Eric Sweetman Eric Taylor (aka Erictrician) Ernest French (aka Froggy) Etta Jonquire Euan Scrimgeour Eula Taulbee Eve Becker Eve Palmer Eveline Maas (now Smith) Eveline's Memories of Orsova (more ships to follow) Evie Fleming Everett ?

Fiona Alexander Fiona Buy (now Hann) Fiona Fitzpatrick Francis Stileman Frank Baker Frank Jackson Frank Kendall Frank Mc Gurran Frank Murphy Frank Stone Frank Taylor Frank Zaniewski Frankie Cowie Frankie Gay (now Blyth) Fred Davies (aka The Red) Fred Hall Fred Rance Fred Woolley Freddie Blackmore Freddie Lloyd G Singh Gadge Gareth Edwards Gareth Hopes Gareth Jones Garry ?

Glen Cunningham Glenn Moore Glyn Dodson (aka Twinkle Toes) Glyn's Memories include Himalaya, Oriana.

Gordon Anderson Gordon Chapman Gordon Dickens Gordon Ferguson Gordon Mc Intyre Gordon Mincham Gordon Nichols Graeme Hayes Graeme Heap Graham ?

I have caught up with some guys over here in OZ like Jim Taylor Eng (NSW), Pat Mc Pherson (WA), Jack Cheetham (NZ) and of course Keith Fiddling (Deceased) in Qld.

I have been trying to trace some of the guys Like John Cannon Gray (Fridge Eng), Peter Robinson (Pee Wee) 4th Eng, and I see Dave Barraclough in some of the photos what has happened to him?

The following year I did the Pacific Cruise, as a passenger, but I would have greatly preferred being on the crew. Fiona's email address is [email protected] Frank was an engineer with P&O and Canberra was his last ship before leaving in 1974 as J2/E to work on ferries. Frank and Jops along with their great friends, John Hammond (2/El) and his wife Sue (was Collins - WAP) are off to the P&O reunion in Oxford on the 20th-23rd September 2009.

Harry Adamson (aka Dirty Harry) Harry Bell Harry Bonning Harry Marsland Harry Ritchie Haydn Deane Hazel Smith Heather Campbell Heather Sinclair Heather Yandle Helen Coundley Helen Davies Helen Hawkett (aka Aitch Squared) Helen Osborne Helen Skoins Helena Swallow Hilke Hasenkamp Hillary ?Eric was a Junior Engineer then 4th Engineer on Oronsay, 3rd Engineer on the Carthage and Himalaya and later he was 2nd Engineer on the Bendigo. Eula would love to hear from any or all that knew her.The above picture has been cut from the Himalaya Football team photo from 1954/55 which Eric kindly sent in which can be seen here. He remembers Ernie Neville was Chief Engineer and then later came Tony Mazonowicz who we all know very well. This is Eula with her much loved family taken on Christmas day 2005. Fiona was a WAP for many years starting on Canberra.TB was best man so he defiantly got on it and Captain Jock Le Fevre was my spokesperson.The Baker made the wedding cake and the ship's band and photographers were also there.

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