Updating my hair style

I wake up at in such a hurry to shower and go to church. So basically, my hair has been through struggles, trials, and tribulations. And as a person who does her own hair, you see why this is problematic. I hate it like I hate inequality and I really hate inequality. Every time I am going somewhere I have to do my hair. When I come back from work or wherever I have to moisturize my hair and do twists to avoid tangles. All these have been straining, tensing my hair and causing all the breakable.

A subtle fringe with tousled waves suit her delicate elfin features down to the ground, and give a little texture to her fine hair.Give your workout headband another wear and rock it during the day, using it to pull flat-ironed hair back and out of your face.This look is ideal for someone transitioning their bangs.Seriously I panga (plan) a wash day I should say was evening coz I decide to do it on Saturday after work. I get home around pm but I am so tired to do anything. I wake up at around 6 but since I’m sleepy I snooze my Jealous by Labrinth which is my alarm ringtone. I have been addicted to the fro and I can say I have misused it and caused harm to my hair.

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