Tufts dating scene dating site make created

“People are looking at other things than just physical appearance in these profiles, I would hope.” Fischer also pointed to the fact that the “hotness ratio” was determined using a small sample size – students with profiles on the site – meaning that the rankings may not be indicative of the school as a whole.“Boston University has 853 users with pictures – that’s three?

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The difference in ratios is in part due to the greater number of female users than male users.

“I’m surprised that we were rated well because I feel like people are always complaining that there aren’t many attractive students at Tufts,” Wells said.

Senior Stephanie Fischer agreed, saying that these complaints are not just found within the Tufts community, but extend to opinions voiced by students from other schools.

quarters of Tufts’ graduating class – while Tufts only has 201, and that’s a very small number,” she said.

Wells agreed, also pointing to the fact that the student body is always fluctuating.

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