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Storrs was the owner of Gorse Hall and was a prominent business man in the town.There were suggestions that he was the lover of his friends Au Pair and that she had become pregnant due to the liaison. His business interests also made many enemies for Storrs and after one attack he had a bell installed to warn police of intruders.The police seemed to want the case closed rapidly and never followed any other possible leads.One interesting element was that the previous tenant at 43 Eversfield Place when vacating the flat left behind two Indian clubs (one of which was believed to have been used to kill Queenie) and a gun.

He assaulted Foster, threw her into the back of the cab and then covered her with a rug which he doused with petrol and set alight.

[1][2][3]On Valentines Day 1945 the body of local farm labourer Charles Walton was found murdered with his own trouncing hook and pinned to the ground with a pitchfork.

The body had had a large cross engraved into the chest and neck which caused many rumours to circulate linking the murder to witchcraft or satanism.

Shortly before midnight she was seen again, standing outside the hotel as the streets around her emptied.

She had led a sheltered life until, suddenly in middle-age, she changed.

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