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Thus lack of a formal religious institution cannot be a reason why Rastafarianism cannot be called a religion.In advancing the argument that their movement is not religious, Rastafarians differentiate between spirituality and religion with some preferring to see their movement as a form of spirituality.

This in essence implies for Rastafarians that religion (together rules, rituals and regulation) is a man-made institution (Afari 2007: 224).

Coining an inclusive definition of the concept religion has presented a big problem not only for scholars, but for practitioners of religion and courts of law as well.

As a result, there is a widespread disagreement regarding how the concept religion is defined.

Applying the above two definitions, it can be said that whether Rastafarians see their movement as religious or not will depend on their definition of religion.

But when other aspects of the definitions are applied such as a unified system of beliefs and practices, Rastafarianism qualifies as a religion.

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