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When it comes to Muslim women wearing the niqab, it’s not up to us or even the court to determine whether it is required in Islam.It only matters whether the women who wear it feel it is something they must do as a part of their religious observance.

We don't want hatred to ruin a positive event," the 38-year-old politician told the crowd.

But in my understanding, gender equality necessitates choices. State interference in women’s ability to dress as they choose is paternalistic and limits women’s autonomy and freedom.

If we look at other items of clothing through the lens of gender equality, it’s possible that short skirts, high heels or even nuns’ habits might be objectionable.

The Social Argument One of the prime reasons offered to support the ban on the niqab in Canadian citizenship ceremonies and elsewhere is that it is an affront to the equality of women, a treasured Canadian value.

Gender equality is certainly something worth defending and it is also one of the founding principles of the Sikh faith.

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