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Everyone is seeking a way of retaining his /her anonymity online.However, it’s getting increasingly tough with every moment.Listen to us talk and you’d be convinced we are married to a bunch of total no-hopers.Our husbands’ sins range from never emptying the dishwasher to being emotional retards who are criminally incompetent at childcare and let our homes go to rack and ruin through lack of interest in DIY.

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There we were tucking into a delicious lunch, washed down with a glass or two of top-notch wine, and all the while we were listening to Laura castigate the absent Gordon — her husband, who was working, of course — for being boring.

To be fair, in running Gordon down, Laura was only following an established pattern.

It’s become so commonplace to run down our spouses that Sally Bercow, publicity-mad wife of the Speaker of the Commons, felt totally at ease painting her husband John as a henpecked domestic drudge on national television.

Gleefully informing her housemates on the trash TV programme Big Brother that she makes John mop the kitchen floor and empty the dishwasher while she has a cup of tea, she appeared to think that belittling her spouse somehow made her look interesting.

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