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I could tell something happened because she let go of me and her arms went stiff at her sides.

Then she screamed "OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME!!!! I'm still standing up by her shoulder hammering her box with my right hand.

"I went to a kinky sex party with my girlfriend, which we took Molly for.

At about one in the morning I woke up to splashing noises coming from the pool.

I had to piss so I went to my bathroom, which joins my bedroom and has a door to the hallway. I looked out the bathroom window and got an instant hardon. The pool lights were on and since the light wasn’t on in the bathroom so they couldn’t see me.

The last few yards to the car I could hear some of their comments about my body. Then I heard some R & B start to jam out their window.

I suddenly got a little moist in my crotch thinking about their young hard cocks. It had been at least 5 years since a black man had fucked me. That told me that they were obviously pretty young and probably very horny. We parked and since it was one of those shady hotels with outside access to each room I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about being seen in a hotel lobby.

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