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Kerry’s younger sister was pressed against her left side, and an older brunette woman was leaning against her right.Kerry recalled that the woman’s name was Katie and assumed she was in her late thirties.Kerry surmised that Lauren was in her late twenties.She was tall, pale, fit but curvy with long red hair and large, heaving breasts that grazed Lindley’s stiff little nipples with every breath.

The sisters could tell from the welts and lash marks covering Katie’s skin that she wasn’t just a kinky slut out for a thrill.Kerry felt ashamed of her sister even as she felt her own cunt grow damp again.Staring at the throng of unconscious, drunken college boys who had spent the past twelve hours raping them, Kerry allowed her mind to wander over the events of the past few months.She found herself impressed and allured by its smoothness and softness.Lindley was more athletic than her sister and she hadn’t yet found it necessary to shave her legs every day, though she always shaved her pubic patch bare when she did.

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