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Continental renforce sa présence dans le monde du cyclisme en devenant Partenaire Officiel du Tour de France de 2018 à 2022.La marque allemande de pneumatiques mettra toute sa technologie et son expertise au service du Tour de France pour les 5 prochaines années.Not once did De Troy or Dyer sue Doyle to dispute any on the hundreds of pages of documents on that site.When other lawyers would question De Troy (alleged to have traded sex for legal services for years in his offices at Norman, Hanson, and De Troy) on why he didn’t sue to force Doyle to take down the site, De Troy always replied, “The last place I want to be is in a courtroom with Doyle.” Then we have the infamous letter from De Troy to Superior Court Judge Paul Fritsche (see below) who heard the Post Conviction Review.

The 41st president of the United States was treated for a 'mild case' of pneumonia for the second time this year.By Editor: Under the ‘leadership’ of Karen Wood, publisher, Mo the Moron Mehlsak, editor, and now Melanie Sochan, ‘reporter’ of the lowest order, they have personified fake news at every turn.When the Forecaster isn’t flacking for the idiots that run Falmouth they do the absolute least amount of work to produce anything that mildly resembles the truth.If I can ever be of help, please let me know,' Bush wrote.The letter was written before he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia.

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