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” She gestures despairingly at the four men in front of her, archetypes of my generation in their hoodies, craft beer in one hand, i Phone in the other, with their untrimmed beards and general lack of ambition.But I’ve noticed a new strategy among my set of female friends—lovely, intelligent, independent women—to combat the grime of the online dating world: date up.According to the South Zone Coordination Center, voluntary evacuations are in effect for Wawona on the east side of Chilnaulna Falls Ridge.“I could ride around on that before I’m 16,” Alex says enthusiastically, “and then you don’t have to buy a ,000 car.“I wasn’t trying to go back in time,” Gabrielle added at the end of our conversation.“Nobody wants to go back to the 1950s, we just want to be treated with respect.” But there are downsides to large age disparities, and women in particular sacrifice a great deal when they make this choice.

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Burrel “Buckshot” Rambo Maier drives the stagecoach with Ron Townsend acting as swamper beside him crosses the wooden bridge to pick up new passengers in Wawona, Yosemite National Park, Thursday, Aug.

He played the lead role of Captain John Smith, the founder of 17th-century colonial Jamestown, Virginia who falls in love with the Native American princess Pocahontas (Q'Orianka Kilcher).

Director Terrence Malick went out of his way to keep Farrell and Kilcher apart until they were filmed together.

Maier reminds visitors of what a trip to Yosemite once required: 36 hours of travel by train and stagecoach from San Francisco to Wawona, then eight hours by stage from Wawona to Yosemite Valley with four stops along the way to change horses.

“That’s 16 head (horses) to go 27 miles one way.” By contrast, a drive from Wawona to Yosemite Valley today takes less than an hour.

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