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Online publications invite us to “join the conversation,” which is usually more of a scream-fest. wonders if “debate has become too harsh for our delicate sensibilities. We are invited to “join the conversation if we want to give an opinion. Thanks for listening, eh.” – Debbie Irwin, Sault Ste. “A corporate-academic weasel word,” according to the Urban Dictionary. “It has become widespread to the point of an epidemic,” said a sickened John from Philadelphia, Penn.So the word that received the most nominations this year was already banished, but today it is being used differently than it was in 1999, when nominators were saying, “I am SO down with this list! “Currently, it is being overused as the first word in the answer to ANY question. It has replaced ‘discussion,’ ‘debate,’ ‘chat,’ ‘discourse,’ ‘argument,’ ‘lecture,’ ‘talk’…of which can provide some context to the nature of the communication. “Anything that the speaker finds vaguely inconvenient or undesirable, such as an opposing political belief or bad traffic.For instance, “How did you learn to play the piano? Perhaps the users feel that it is a word that is least likely to offend people, but I consider it to be imprecise language that, over time, dumbs down the art of effective discourse.” – Richard Fry, Marathon, Ont. Contrast things that are self-evidently taken to be problematic with, say, actual problems like a hole in the ozone layer or a job loss.” – Adam Rosen, Asheville, N. “Often used with ‘engagement.’ If someone is disengaged, they’re not really a stakeholder in the first place.He was released on October 12 and was barred from having any contact with Herman.Before she left for work on Wednesday, Herman had thanked her doorman for telling her that he had spotted Verdi in the area the day before, the New York Daily News reports.'She said, "I don't understand why he keeps doing this when he knows I have an order of protection - we're going to be going to court pretty soon",' Ricardo Ramirez said.'I said, "Obsession.He had allegedly been following her to and from work, tailing her to appointments and even showed up when she was on a date after she ended their brief relationship in July.Verdi had also been emailing, calling and sending Herman flowers and chocolates.

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” says Kevin Carney of Chicago, who provided an example in the March 19, 2015 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, pg. “The word ‘swag’ has become a shapeless, meaningless word used in various forms (such as ‘swaggy’) but with no real depth.” – Bailey Anderson, Washington, Iowa.'I came round the corner in my car, and I saw the third shot go right underneath,' he told the Daily, miming putting a gun under his chin, and pulling the trigger.'I was coming round the corner in my car when I heard the first two shots and four seconds later I saw the third.'Santiago said he hadn't heard any arguing before the gunshots. 'I put my foot on the gun so no-one would take it,' he added, saying he waited with his foot on the weapon until police arrived. Lots of people started running towards the subway stop.He jumped out of his car and ran over to the scene. Nurul Zahangir, an MTA dispatch controller for the buses across the street, said he also heard three gunshots. When you hear a gunshot you run,' he said.'When I walked over (the injured) were on the floor. I've never experienced anything like that before.'Edward Lopez, 27, was at his job at the New York Health and Raquete Club, opposite the shooting, when he heard the commotion outside.'I walked around and saw two people lying there, and a little blood but cops were huddling round,' he said.'It just sucks.JOIN TODAY and take advantage of Trans Gays incredible daily traffic to draw attention to yourself and your business.A man who shot dead his ex-girlfriend while she was parking her Citi Bike in Manhattan had been allegedly stalking her for months.

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