Sbl bpr 00187 error updating business component Sf phone sex personals chat

These errors occur in the task when the Siebel Operation step with Defer Write=True in the task is reached.Defer Write =True is not supported when task transaction has been disabled.Please reference the two cases described above in the Cause section of this document.When Defer Write = False, then all of the required fields for that Business Component must be provided some values inside the Siebel Operation step.These values can then be updated by the user in the subsequent Task Views.

Note that there are two cases for this, as task transaction can be disabled in two ways: A new documentation change request BUG 10587397 has been submitted to request that this information be added to bookshelf.

When task transaction has been disabled, then Defer Write=True should not be used.

Workaround: When Task Transaction needs to be disabled, Defer Write can be set to False on the Siebel Operation INSERT step which is affected by this.

Obj Mgr Log Error 1 0 2005-03-02 ((1877)) SBL-BPR-00216: The workitem supplied, ' ', is not a valid workitem.

Obj Mgr Bus Service Log Invoke Method 4 0 2005-03-02 Business Service 'Workflow Process Manager' invoke method 'Run Process' Execute Time: 1.575 seconds.

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