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Joseph is outside, walking a familiar route, his hands thrust in his pockets and a mysterious smile playing at his lips.

He walks past the kosher grocery stores on Lee and Division Streets and reaches Broadway.

The man’s peyos, or side curls, fall to his jaw below a round fur hat, called a .

His black satin jacket and white shirt—no tie—hang over a fringed prayer shawl.

He might be pressed to leave his neighborhood and never return.

With one arm around a strange girl’s waist, he will whisper into her ear, and then kiss her on the lips.

They will disappear into the bathroom and emerge flushed.

Most importantly, Satmar and other strict Hasidic groups strongly reject the outside world’s impurities.

By and large, these Hasidim study in religious schools, speak Yiddish as their first language, dress according to a strict code, and enter arranged marriages when they are between the ages of seventeen and twenty.

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