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Music content and distribution is also subject to deletion upon grounds of legality, and all the music content therein belongs to the original artist, publishing authority, and/or legal house they fall under.

In-game files created with Reaper (.mids) are able to be freely distributed wherever is seen fit.

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This article is here to provide the community with an up-to-date list of currently released custom songs for Rock Band 3 for the Xbox 360.

Due to legal limitations, it is often very difficult to get separate instrument stems, so for customs we typically use blank audio tracks for instruments and the normal (fully mixed) song file as a backing track.

This ensures the audio track does not drop out completely when missing a note (as it would if the audio were assigned to the Guitar track, for example), and also fixes the notorious whammy distortion on Guitar and Bass.

Previously, customs were limited to Audition Mode only on RB3, but with the breakthrough of programs such as Le Fluffie, Modio, XBLA Unlocker, Reaper, Magma, and the new RB3Maker, loading custom songs is easier than ever.

For more information on customs or the necessary processes, please visit the Score Hero Rock Band Software subforum Song authoring is done using Reaper, which allows author to create a file, which has all the note information for each instrument as well as other essential game-running tracks.

Rock Band 3 can read these files exactly as if they were DLC, thus greatly simplifying the process for adding custom songs.

RB3Maker can greatly help the process of syncing your audio file with the one the original charter used.

All in-game content and credits belong to Harmonix, as well as the creation of Rock Band 3 as a whole.

Some are basic guidelines so the songs play well without technical issues, while others - such as requiring all frets being used in all difficulties, making it so players learn to transition to higher difficulties easier - are designed with better gameplay in mind.

For more in-depth Information, please go to: Song compiling (after the song has been completely charted) is done using Magma, where your audio file (.wav) and the file from Reaper are brought together along with your information for the song, such as artist, album, song name, and difficulty for each instrument.

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