Rabbi zecharia wallerstein dating and marriage

At one point, the show proudly boasted that it was voted the "Worst TV Show Ever" by TV Guide magazine.The show also bragged to be "an hour of your life you'll never get back".“I called my Rebbi, in Israel, Rabbi Gamliel Rabinovich, who told me to make a machaa, a public statement saying that I am completely against this.

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky now says it is "assur" to vote for David Weprin because of his gay marriage vote. The difference is that Weprin announced to everyone that he's voting for it as an orthodox jew. Just a few months ago, Aguda honored Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has been voting for the gay marriage bill for several years.

“I have no political leanings whatsoever,” said Rabbi Wallerstein. For those of you Yidden without a TV, here is what Wikipedia says about the Jerry Springer Show: The Jerry Springer Show is ostensibly a talk show where troubled or dysfunctional families come to discuss their problems before a studio audience so that the audience or host can offer suggestions on what can be done to resolve their situations.

“But I am very political when it comes to toeivas Hashem and His name. This is my chance to stand up and vote for Hashem.” Rabbi Wallerstein said that he is further committed to making the same statement in future elections against any other Orthodox politician who supports gay rights. In actuality, the show has come to epitomize the so-called "trash TV talk show",[2] as each episode of the show focuses on topics such as adultery, zoophilia, divorce, homophobia, incest, infidelity, pedophilia, pornography, prostitution, racism, strange fetishes, dwarfism, or transvestism, which frequently result in fighting between guests.

Silver delivered million in TAP scholarship money to yeshiva students.

Meanwhile, Aguda disappeared during the gay marriage debate.

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