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Although the foreign-born population in the city itself is low among large US cities and even compared to Atlanta's own metro area, it is high compared to other nearby Southern cities.For example, in Macon, Georgia, 7.1% were US-born outside the South and 3.0% in Birmingham, Alabama only 7.7% were US-born outside the South and 3.2% foreign-born.

You can filter your designer prom dress by event or by the following two categories: Color You will always look good with an elegant black prom dress, but we suggest considering something in the red family this year, such as burgundy or pink.This comes amid the fact that in recent years, an influx of whites, Asians and Hispanics into Atlanta has shifted the demographics in what was once a city guaranteed to elect a black mayor.In fact, the percentage of blacks dropped to 54 percent in 2010 from 61 percent in 2000.This is an increase of 62.4% over Atlanta's resident population, making it the largest gain in daytime population in the country among cities with fewer than 500,000 residents.1850 - 2,572 1960 - 487,455 (metro 1,312,474) 1970 - 496,973 (metro 1,763,626) 1980 - 425,022 (metro 2,233,324) 1990 - 394,017 (metro 2,959,950) 2000 - 416,474 (metro 4,112,198) 2010 - 420,003 (metro 5,268,860) Atlanta's changing demographics have had effects on its political system.

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