Punkbuster not updating bad company 2

I'm playing for 10 minutes, then all of a sudden it kicks me out. And yes, it's BS that punkbuster can't tell apart the Steam overlay from some see-through-walls overlay hack.

It always says it bans me for 0 minutes because its trying to update the client. I don't think i'm leveling up because I can never finish a match. If your problem wasn't even related to this, forgive me.

There are servers that do not use Punk Buster services, but lack of anti-cheat software can definitely degrade your gaming experience. Working with game developers, they have created a tool to help identify cheaters in-game and remove them. Until these various packages are updated to correctly identify Pnk Bstr A.exe, Pnk Bstr B.exe, and Pnk Bstr as components of the Punk Buster Anti-Cheat System, players who experience Punk Buster kicks due to these conflicts need to either manually adjust the settings of the other software running on their system or disable the other software while playing on Punk Buster enabled servers. This will ensure Pnk Bstr and Pnk Bstr are installed and running properly.

Any server that runs Punk Buster enforces Punk Buster bans because no one wants to play with a cheater. Get the latest version of Punk Buster Updater HERE 2. Make sure Pnk is on your exceptions list of your firewall/anti-virus software to ensure it can communicate properly with the Punk Buster servers. If you still get kicks, such as “Can’t Initialize Pnk Bstr B.exe”, go to the Start Menu.

etc..) to (open) - A window will open with a zip file double clicked on it! - Then the game window will open and you select the games of your choice(Battlefield Bad Company 2).

- Click on Check for update The Punkbuster for BFBC2 is updated and installed automatically for your game BFBC2.

RESTRICTION Service Communication Failure: Pnk Bstr A.exe"Does anyone have a fix for this? This guide will have all available information regarding troubleshooting Punk Buster issues for EA games. Click on the Game drop down menu and select your title, in this case, Battlefield 3 / Battlefield 4 / BF: H. The box Game Path should automatically complete itself, but if it doesn’t click Browse and navigate to where you installed the game and then click on Add Game. You will now see your game in the main window, click Check for Updates. A window should pop up with a progress bar and update to the newest version of Punk Buster for the game, after it has finished a notification will appear, click Ok and you are done. While Punk Buster is designed to update itself, there can be an error and manually updating via PBSetup is recommended.For more help, reach out to Punk Buster Support You must appeal any Punk Buster Ban with Even Balance by opening a ticket by finding and clicking your game on the Support page and then clicking "Web Ticket System." EA Advisors cannot overturn Punk Buster Bans What games use Punk Buster? Occasionally, you may receive various errors regarding Punk Buster Services not running.The reason is: Punkbuster kicked player 'John A Mc Millan' (For 0 minutes) ...RESTRICTION: Service Communication Failure: Pnk Bstr A.exe" Screenshot of error When I join a multiplayer game I am able to play it for a few minutes, sometimes seconds, and I will get kicked and it says:"You have been kicked from the game.

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