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Just about every school adheres to a dress code, and these codes will vary widely from school to school.

Many private (and some public) schools require school uniforms, and those uniforms may be very casual (khaki's and polos) or formal (jacket and tie).

Whatever your school's particulars, it's up to you and your student to understand what the school demands of every student.

Below is a list of likely expectations your child will have to follow.

How your child's school deals with bullying will likely depend on the specifics of each case, but if you suspect your tween has become the victim of school bullying, it's important to know what you can do as a parent and to demand action on behalf of your child.

If your child is behaving aggressively towards another student, you should attempt to curb the behavior as soon as possible before you find your tween in trouble with the school, other parents, and even you.

Your child may be required to take an oath that his or her work is their own, that they answer questions honestly and that they adhere to any other important codes of conduct that they school requires.

It's important to know what is and is not allowed on school premises.

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Many schools spell out their rules and regulations at the school orientation or open house, but it's also possible that your child's school will spell out expectations in the student/parent handbook.

All students will be required to follow behavior rules.

Action may be taken against your child if he or she engages in disruptive conduct, if he or she threatens or intimidates teachers or bus drivers, if he or she uses profane or obscene language, or if he or she participates in vandalism or defies school personnel.

In some cases, schools may prohibit certain electronic devices, including cell phones, or personal game players.

Every school or school district will have a limit on the number of tardies or school absences that a student can have in the course of a year.

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