Photostream not updating on my pc

are you still together did she over platy her hand and you caught her either an ea or pa (emotional or physical affair) did she leave you or did you file for divorce or separation do to her lying and possible affair.please update us and let us know if your ok I don't look at my husbands phone and I don't expect him to look at mine.also you have to realize she said if she did he'd get copies asap funny 1 month is a long right away..and he says he had been suspicious of her actions before he actually found the pics which sort of verified to him that he had need to check up on opinion get a lawyer serve her with divorce papers ..cut your self off from her other than the divorce situation no contact otherwise if so short and sweet ,, you don't meantion anything about children so hopefully you'll be free from any child ...right ...he'd have no reason to post anything at all .... She NEVER admitted to anything, argument after agreement unwilling to go to counseling, just deny & keep doing questionable actions like leave for a weekend not telling me where she went, just with a girlfriend at a hotel but nothing more, then right before Xmas bringing false accusations of domestic violence against me to get me out of the house. i'll also assume she has a restraining order as well to keep you out and away from the house until she cancels it . in my opinion don't be surprised if the guy she's been having the affair with doesn't move in sometime in the very near future to comfort her during her trials (you see I'm being sourcastic here I hope ) what I'm trying to say is that he (the affair partner ) may have put her up to the domestic violence thing ..

my suggestion would be for the OP to download from her phione all the pics and if he can even contacts and saved (stored ) message to check them out to see who if anyone she's been sending these pics too...unless he had found some other stuff involving his wife a different way ...cutloose here is my suggestion take it for what its worth..Look flipper you write your opinion and I will write mine.Do not talk to me because I am not interested in what you think.

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