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Then, how about walking on surrounding areas, wearing comfortable shoes and clothes?

Traveling does not necessarily involve going to a distant place carrying bags. When we visit places where kings used to reside, we tend to skim through palaces and move to other destinations without lingering. What if we assume that kings built palaces and fortresses for their people? The Temporary Palace at Hwaseong Fortress is just that.

Who would ignore the place after seeing that greeting in the alley? Next to the flower painting was a stylish frame supporting the dilapidated wall.

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Among the menus of rose flower tea, magnolia flower tea, and plum flower tea, I ordered magnolia flower tea and sat on a spot where I could see the alley well.” located across from Jangan Park.

How does the village of people, whom the king loved so much, look now?

If you miss out on the village, you cannot say you have visited this place..” You may interpret it as “the alley to commemorate the king’s love for the people.” Among several paths, if you walk along the path leading to the Seongyeong Library, you will see a writing “Hello” on one side of the wall next to splendid flowers.

You can be assured enough that we are available for the complete duration for your stay at the place.

There are many activities to partake in from tennis, horse riding, dolphin shows, archery, shooting and many more.

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