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Yet they are not new; such views have been a staple of scholarship, even appearing in popular magazines, for many years.

Not piety but timidity keeps many rabbis from expressing what they have long understood to be true.

das „Vorübergehen“, „Auslassen“ oder „Überspringen“ jüdischer Häuser während JHWHs Strafgericht an den ägyptischen männlichen Erstgeborenen in der Nacht des Auszugs.

Die Hebräer seien dabei verschont geblieben, weil sie ihre Türen mit einem Schutzzeichen markiert hätten ().

That a certain number of people walked across a particular desert at a particular time in the past, after being enslaved and liberated, is an historical claim, and one cannot then cry "unfair" when historians evaluate it.

For well over a century linguists, archeologists, historians and Bible scholars have been looking at the Bible in a new way.

(If people suddenly arrived after hundreds of years in Egypt, their cups and dishes would look very different from native Canaanites'.) There was no population explosion.

Most archeologists conclude that the Israelites lived largely in Canaan over generations, instead of leaving and then immigrating back to Canaan.

However, the archeological conclusions are not based primarily on the absence of Sinai evidence.

They understand how much of it is a product of history; how many stories were shared with other cultures whose languages and histories we have just come to understand.

We can now appreciate how the vast canvas of the Bible shows different levels of Hebrew language, as would be expected of a work that developed over time.

Some people tendentiously seized on my words and used them to deny that today's Israelis have a right to their land.

This is equivalent to saying, "I don't own my house because I have lived in it forever," rather than having moved from the next town.

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