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"On first-read of the copy he said to the subs’ table at large: “He’s got here, ‘The Queen as she rode by in her Rolls showed no signs of her recent catarrh and sinusitis trouble’ – apart, I suppose, from the occasional gob out the window!

” 'This would have been in the mid-to-late 1950s when I was occasional subbing on the Portsmouth Evening News (later to become The News).

“We continue to make good progress with the proposed acquisition of 100 per cent of the publishing assets of Northern & Shell.

Further updates will be provided as and when appropriate,” Trinity said earlier this week.

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Read it here PRINCESS Diana’s biographers say that the paparazzi’s big trick with Diana was to continually call her a bitch while they were taking her picture so that she’d look angry, or sad, or (ideally) start crying.

HE’S kept it quiet from the prying eyes of the Drone but another Expressman has written an excellent novel.

Munich, the Man Who Said No is by senior sub-editor DAVID LAWS and is available on Amazon as a £3.99 Kindle ebook HERE. This one is by Arnie Wilson who worked with Peter Tory and Jeanette Bishop on Peter’s Diary for the Daily Star and was that column’s resident topical limerick writer. This limerick was in response to a minor scandal involving hookers at the Tory Party conference in Blackpool (plus ça change) but, even in the 80s, it was deemed too risqué for publication (oh please! Today’s fevered climate is far nastier – at least Arnie’s referred to consensual, if monetised, sex.

He keeps forgetting his pass to get into Northcliffe House, home of the Evening Standard.

When it happened again this week, the security guard let him in through a side door but politely (yet firmly) asked him to please make the effort to remember his pass. Let's hope not, as other journalists going in through the correct door have remarked that George has been "looking a little tired" of recent.

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