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Primarily this is likely to be those working in public, social and welfare services like the police, social care, education and health.

However, it could also include individuals working in the voluntary sector with children’s and youth groups or those in contact with adults with responsibilities for potentially vulnerable children and young people.

Whatever your contact with children and young people is, you could make use of the toolbox to help you think through any concerns you have about the possibility of sexual exploitation.

When you do so it is important to bear in mind the following: Firstly, identify who is involved in the case that you are working on, including any significant family members, friends or network of professionals including foster carers.

If you believe that a child or young person is being abused take immediate action, inform the police and children’s social care child protection team.

Once you have raised these alerts complete the assessment instruments in this document and share these with the professionals involved in the case.

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a specific issue in protection, safeguarding and vulnerability.

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However, in collecting and organising your thoughts, observations and relevant information you have it should generate supporting evidence for making assessments and help others understand your thinking.The statutory responsibilities for safeguarding this group are extended to older individuals receiving services on the basis of specific vulnerabilities.Consequently, our responsibilities for safeguarding in cases involving former looked after children and anyone with special educational needs extend to the age of 21.Once you have clarified indications of CSE and the vulnerabilities these combine with you will be able to make a balanced, summative risk assessment.In essence, high level risks are where there is evidence that the child or young person is associating with individuals who are known to have been sexually exploitative in other cases.

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