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Beyond that, the health department doesn't have much regulatory power.

The department cannot use the state law to issue citations, Huff said, and the existing city ordinance regulating "high-risk sexual conduct" is outdated and difficult to enforce.

At Monday's Health, Environment and Community Engagement (HECE) Committee meeting, the health department presentation will include information about occupational exposure to sexually transmitted infections and federal labor guidelines for workplaces where exposure may occur.About a year ago, after a preliminary inspection using a black light to do a visual check for bodily fluids, department staff started working on methodology for a confirmatory lab test.Late last month, health inspectors visited all 17 establishments.“I’m not only a fan of horror films, but also of horror games, especially since the first SILENT HILL game,” director Lipartito recently told Sci Fi JAPAN TV.“I wanted to get the same kind of immersive feeling in a movie.” NO FACE was filmed at You Tube Space Tokyo as part of their “House of Horrors” competition.

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