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Where masters like Fahey and Basho drew from earlier musical lineage, Alexander incorporates a contemporary pool of influence, broadening the fingerstyle palette with patience and self-assuredness.

Recorded on a guitar that Shapiro built himself, Alexander is an earnest and substantive debut that gives the listener a window into the player’s intimate devotion to his instrument and the language it speaks.” –Ian Mc Colm Cover text by Cyd Goodwin.

Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals is an experiment in acoustic and synthetic symbiosis which is deeply influenced by the atmosphere and acoustics of the rural location of Cats Abbey resulting in a set of recordings which can aid to the transformation of consciousness.

Thanks to everyone who came in over the year and bought records from us, it means the world to us. Dec 26 – 11 – 5 Sun Dec 31 – 12 – 4 Mon Jan 1 – Closed …..staff picks of 2017…..

Have a safe and happy holidays, stop in on Boxing Day for our usual sale and see you all in 2018! Love Theme – Love Theme (Alter) Carla Dal Forno – The Garden (Blackest Ever Black) Rakta – Oculto Pelos Seres (La Vida Es En Mus) F Ingers – Awkwardly Blissing Out (Blackest Ever Black) Anthony Linell – Consolidate (Northern Electronics) Dedekind Cut – The Expanding Domain (Hallow Ground) Total Control – Laughing At The System (Alter) Lebenden Toten – Mind Parasites (Self Released) and Static!

He and the photographer piled up the instruments whilst the proprietor was at lunch, with Bailey promptly sacked on his return.

The LP was issued in two versions over the years — Incus 2 and 2R — with different groupings of free improvisations paired with Bailey’s performances of notated pieces by his friends Misha Mengelberg, Gavin Bryars, and Willem Breuker.

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