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The film told the backstory of how 10-year old Michael Myers (Daeg Faerch) grew up in a white trash family in Haddonfield, Illinois, and went on a family killing spree of three brutal murders - the result of his life of continual torment and teasing.Young Michael's slutty sister Judith Myers (Hanna Hall) refused to take him trick-or-treating, but instead chose to have sex with her long-haired boyfriend Steven Haley (Adam Weisman).This raunchy, vulgar, and crass romantic comedy was not for prudes due to its frequent foul-mouthed dialogue and sex scenes.It was from first-time director Mark Helfrich and scriptwriter Josh Stolberg who were emulating the successful Wedding Crashers (2005).The only two student survivors were: There were only a few instances of nudity from the cast, mostly from Gabrielle Richens as Sylvia.

Danica Mc Kellar (grown-up from the TV series The Wonder Years) starred as the bookish, sweet and virginal Emily, a biology major who organized the trip.During treatment at Smith's Grove Sanitarium following a conviction of first-degree murder, the mask-obsessed, psychopathic patient ("It hides my ugliness") was put under the care of psychologist Dr. When she became horribly sunburned, Eddie met sweet Oxford, Mississippi brunette Miranda (Michelle Monaghan, portrayed by Cybill Shepherd in the original film), a college lacrosse coach vacationing with her family - the real woman of his dreams.Loomis (Malcom Mc Dowell) for fifteen years while becoming completely mute and violence-prone, causing his despairing mother to commit suicide by a gunshot. There was also the outrageous scene (meant to rival the 'hair-gel' scene in There's Something About Mary (1998)) in which Lila revealed her overgrown pubic hair and genital-piercing jewelry when she had to urinate on Eddie's back to soothe a jellyfish sting.Stu Kaminsky (Dan Fogler) - who repeatedly would masturbate with a grapefruit!The film also featured a Kama Sutra-style, split-screen montage of one-night stand sex-capades with Charlie in lots of creative and contortionistic sexual positions and scenes with his many partners including: Director/writer Matt Flynn's work was a cliched, satirical and derivatively 'hacked' horror film.

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