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So the love I thought was missing – wasn’t missing after all # # # Nicole Moore, Love & Relationship Coach and founder of Love Works, helps women unlock their hearts and create lasting love.

Nicole coaches women to break free from their romantic fears so they can love with an open heart.

Then I started to attack myself for letting this “ruin my day.” I was caught in an ego tailspin.

I thought I was suffering because of what was happening on the outside.

To use an analogy: one amazing time with a woman could equal 10,000 “points”, whereas 100 little things might only equal 10 points.You would take the behavior for granted and you wouldn’t place much value on it.You wouldn’t be able to respect him or trust his strength because everything he was doing is based on trying to “win you over”, get your approval or please you.My friend hugged me and said, “Will you come with me for a second? If so, I invite you to try out an exercise I recommend to my clients called “looking for evidence of love.” Instead of focusing on the love that you think is missing right now, start focusing on all of the ways you are already loved right now.I want to show you something.” I followed him and he stopped in front of the flowers section. Maybe it’s your mom, your friends, your kids, your coworkers, the sunshine warming your shoulders, or even the guy at Starbucks giving you a free latte.

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