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You can direct this energy in any arena – physical, intellectual, spiritual or organizational.

To recap the discussion of Mars Saturn conjunction, square or opposition, we’ll consider each aspect separately and explore their shadow side vs conscious expression.

This is obviously quite capable of blowing out any real/surreal love situation already in motion or manifesting synchronicity that seems a little over the top. But Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio is also a brilliant aid to investigations and art or creative enterprises.

Venus-Jupiter in Scorpio at birth is a real piece of work and clearly just beyond cool vibe.

Here are some of the people who had it/have it: Anne Hathaway (I know she has her detractors but think what she brought to Cat-Woman), Jane Birkin, Patti Smith, Marina Abrahamovic, Marianne Faithfull, Ada Lovelace – the Enchantress of Numbers – and – i am adding her as she seems culturally very NOW – Tonya Harding.

If you have a healthy Mars, you’re able to assert yourself in relationships, speak up in order to persuade others, and take action to achieve your goals.

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Once the emotional stoppage is removed, your doors to achievements open.

When you have these two planets in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition), you’ll most likely experience challenges in integrating both energies successfully.

In this article, we’ll explore the dark side of Mars Saturn aspects (especially conjunction, square or opposition) and then look at ways to unlock their constructive expression.

You’ve learned that dominating or controlling others do not work, and neither did suppressing anger.

What you’ve learned is a middle path –, where the poet discusses this very process.

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