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If I use a hotel or banquet facility, they will include the waiters, dishes, linen etc, in the price per person, but what if I end up in a location that I need to find a caterer? I have never had to hire a caterer before and have no idea what they include in their price.Do they bring their own dishes or do I have to rent those too?As I pull the folders off my shelf and start going through each large envelope, the dollar signs start popping up in brain.I start trashing the limo brochures (the wedding and reception are in the same location, so that would be a waste of money), more expensive photographers, all of the videographers, venues that I have zero interest in and bridal boutiques (as I have almost made up my mind about a gown here in New Jersey).My brochure piles are getting a little smaller now but my head is starting to hurt. I am pretty sure I completed my guest list…unless I make any new friends in the next year, and I have added everyone (including a plus 1 for the singles) into my The account.

We will meet with them again when we are in town this September! The hotel has great features (basketball court, swimming pool, games, etc), but it has been out shined by the Old Temple Club!

They have different areas for the bride and groom to change, and guests could just stay within the hotel (which is a huge plus for all of our NJ guests).

But there wasn’t anything extra special for me personally.

I moved to New Jersey and after 2 years of him being the most amazing boyfriend ever, he becomes the most amazing FIANCE ever!

He knew I wanted to get married in Michigan and agreed to it right away (after all, he did make me move to New Jersey, it's the least he could do! Thankfully my mom is still living in the Lansing area and was able to attend a couple of bridal shows for me, gathering information and mailing it all to me (already separated in envelopes and labeled).

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