Malcolm x on interracial dating

Each and every day, I think about issues that are impacting us socially, culturally, globally, etc., and today, I started wondering about why interracial marriage/relationships are being promoted to The African American community? When you look at many shows on televisions, in the past 2 years, there have been over 22 shows that had IR couples (mostly Black women/white men)–some have been canceled, but is art imitating life or is there something more sinister behind this?

Given that Asian men were the group that other races expressed strongest preference against, and that Asian women expressed the least preference against other races, the results in Table 6 suggest that attractiveness may play an important role in the determination of racial preferences, especially those against Asian men.” (Fisman, R., Iyengar, S., et al., Columbia University, “Racial Preferences in Dating”, 2007) If you’re an asian guy reading this, you probably didn’t need those studies to confirm what we’ve all thought pretty much our entire lives: It’s true.Violence on many occasions could erupt if such couples frequented the various social outlets, places of business, churches, et al., including murder. There was a difference in the way Black people carried themselves, spoke, interacted, engaged socially, politically, religiously; we were a people that were connected. The question has to be asked when you realize the irony that this is not being promoted by Black media, but the white media. Are they playing to the age old insecurities in Black People about themselves?Being proud of one’s race seems not to be encouraged any longer. But today, the media promotes disunity in the Black community–highlighting this in movies and television, yet, promoting counterfeit images of Black men and women smiling happily with their white spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends. , thus, making us perfect targets for mental programming.So I’m addicted to the new TV show Flash Forward, about something that causes the entire world to black out for 2 minutes while seeing a vision of their lives 6 months in the future.It’s a really, really good show so far – if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend it.

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