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On “Fake Happy,” she sings about how she smiles only to make other people think she’s OK, and that she assumes everyone else is secretly as insincere.

They figured if music is what Hayley wanted to be a part of, Nashville wasn’t a bad place to be near.

“Reality will break your heart/ Survival will not be the hardest part,” she sings on “26,” her voice pitched with grief.

“If I lay on the floor/ Maybe I’ll wake up,” she cries out on the surprisingly plucky “Forgiveness,” a song she wrote about some rocky moments with her husband Chad Gilbert, the guitarist for pop punk band New Found Glory.

“Man, I don’t know,” she says, about the record’s darker subjects.

“I don’t feel as hopeful as I did as a teenager.” Upon first listen, the album can sound quite chipper, but it’s clear that Hayley is still working through some deep issues in the lyrics.

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