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He even made several plays for Laura Tyson, the high-powered chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers.

"Once we were talking about an article I had written," Tyson recalled, "and he said: 'You should come over and show me your article.' I thought: 'This is bizarre.

Since then, both Clintons had maintained silence on the even as lurid and specific details of Bill's affair with Lewinsky continued to emerge. Now, though, they were settled in their large armchairs, ready for a welcome respite.

And the film - a comedy called Something To Talk About, starring Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid - began promisingly enough, with scenes of domestic bliss involving a successful couple called Grace and Eddie and their adorable preteen daughter, Caroline. Grace and Caroline spot Eddie outside his office building, kissing a beautiful blonde.

If the Clintons had divorced, they would have been more fathomable.

Instead, as Mary Mel French noted: "The Clintons are complicated because they stayed together." The intriguing question, as Hillary battles on in her own quest for the presidency, is why she has chosen again and again to give her "Hound Dog" another chance.

His wide-ranging intellect can be overridden by lapses in everyday common sense.

And throughout it all his wife stayed at his side, apparently supporting his denials and usually helping him try to silence or rebut the stories of women who claimed anything from sexual harassment and assault to 12-year affairs.Sixteen years ago this month, just as Bill was facing his first presidential primaries, a woman called Connie Hamzy told Penthouse magazine that he had propositioned her in a hotel lobby.He acknowledged that he knew her, but denied any impropriety.Political consultant James Carville warned against being misled by Bill's "quarter-inch of softness.You'll break your finger if you mistake that for going all the way through." The downside of Bill's magnetism was his compulsive need to seduce.

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