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Sometimes, investigators will create “a well-publicized Internet sting operation to create the impression that the Internet is a risky place for sexual predators, and that their hidden identities can be tracked down.” This is a long-term way of dealing with online predators.Setting a time and a location between the online predator and the “child” is one way of catching predators, but there are other ways.The transcripts of the web chats between the predator and the officer can be used as proof.Web cam footage of the predator exposing himself or a transaction proving the predator tried to buy child pornography are other ways.“Almost all sting operations result in either arrests or convictions, many of them startling (one reported 700 arrests), with very high conviction rates ranging from 70 percent to 95 percent.” Arrests through sting operations may however, see those arrested accusing the police of entrapment.A few years ago we lived in an apartment complex and we were out at the pool swimming and tanning and I was wearing a new two piece swimsuit.We had been out there for several hours simming and playing with other people from the apartments and later on while we were the only...

The numbers of criminals convicted following sting operations are significant, compared to ordinary operations, but with the former, questions arise whether the crime would have happened, if the criminals were not provoked.

how “stings are an attractive technique because they produce much positive publicity and impressive short-term results, as measured by many arrests.

But on their own, they do not solve the underlying conditions of most persistent crime problems.”Police officers have posed as prostitutes while others have pretended to be drug traffickers in order to catch criminals in the act.

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