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This series DOES NOT include any of the following: KLN-89B, KLN-90B, KLN-94, KLN-900 or GNS-XLS. The KLN-90B uses the same rack and has the same connector pin-outs as the KLN-90A. The KLN-90B has several upgraded features including certified IFR approach capability, digital OBS and an internal back-up battery pack for continuous operation in the event of aircraft power spikes.As per the Instructions For Continued Airworthiness, there are no periodic service requirements for the KLN-90B.This unit is manufactured to allow "on condition maintenance".The unit monitors the internal battery and displays a message if the battery is in need of replacement.Here is an example of such a transaction: 00 Exchange Price charged to customer 00 x .8 = 0 Maximum Allowable core repair charge or Repair Cap 00 Cost to repair core unit - 0 Less Core repair cap --------- 00 Additional billing amount. Although they are similar in appearance and function, the KLN-90, KLN-90A, and KLN-90B are not direct replacements for the KLN-88.The KLN-90 series receivers use a different mounting rack, antenna, and larger connector.

For IFR GPS approach certification, GPS status annunciations are required to be in the pilot's field of view.

These annunciations (or lights) indicate active switches such as the NAV/GPS and OBS (if applicable) modes.

Other annunciations or alerts might include the following: TERM - light that will signal pilot when operating within 30 miles of departure or arrival airport (i.e.

While they are not direct replacements, the KLN-90 series GPS systems are the ideal replacement system for the KLN-88.

Both the KLN-88 and KLN-90 series units operate through a unique knob functionality.

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