Keep it simple dating women dating complaints on men

I feel your not who and what you say and maybe other women do too. Also I feel you may come across as pushy, inpatient and not very mature. I am only telling you to help you see, maybe it is you.... Today we just hung out - he was doing yard work and shined up his sweet car and I played with his dog and helped him with the leaves a bit. Again he repeated that I need to quit thinking so much. I always tap dance around the question saying "nuthin'" or "just relaxing" or "I'm just happy". In addition, I've initiated the recent past few dates (one was my xmas work dinner). He told me that I am thinking it too much and that I need to keep it simple. Or can guys just fake it with long tight warm hugs, burrowing their face into your neck, and staring into eyes with a sweet smile in order to keep having great sex on occasion? Oh and one more thing, he always asks me what I am thinking when we are just laying there relaxing, either just cuddling or after sex. Well, I'll let the guys chime in from here on out- but one last reply to your above comment. That is what often attracts a man to a woman in the first place. I am divorced, was with the same guy for almost 10 years. But when I put it back on him "what are YOU thinking? It sounds as if it is just a matter of taking it slow. It sounds like he wants to just take it day-by-day right now, not become serious or dependent. I'm very independent, successful, busy, attractive, smart, positive, confident (except with this guy).

No, you don't have an extra advantage if you are rich, or possess magical skills. You have to be confident, and not try foolish ideas.You don't have to take it personally, or over analyze it. It's just a matter of doing some things right, having the confidence to approach a girl without sounding needy, and knowing when to take the conversation to the next level. You may also look into the online data paradigm if you are interested in that kind of a thing.Though it can help you get started without approaching someone in person, ultimately all relationships have to prosper in the real world.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. " you just look at us like we are some (I don't even know how to explain). If a guy says to me, lets go somewhere and get to know each other..... after all I am speaking to him and we are getting to know each other and then he is trying to change the direction, maybe hurry it up. You may not realize it but its you who is complicating the situation.But if we come and start to play you get cought right away. "Not knowing the oponent gives another kind of excitement.. What do you expect from person you don't know at all.. lolsounds to me like you are not saying what you mean, you want to get laid..... Its you playing games because you can get to know someone on the phone, email, over dinner etc. Simple is as simple does...treading water is not the best way to handle relationships.stagnates after a while. Just to try to found out about oponent something more than the appearance . People will meet you when they feel comfortable to do so.... I think he is describing the difference between a normal conversation in a quiet setting and the kind of sexual flirtation you do leaning up against the bar trying to be heard over the music.

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