Josh farro and hayley williams admit to dating

I didn't want to go looking like crap, so I text Zac asking what I should do, he's always there for me! Not that the rest of the guys aren't, its just this is mine & Zacs little secret I suppose.. I usually love Paramore - but this song stings to my core. I fought for my marriage and asked this girl to let my husband and I try to work things out....I just heard this song and I had to google the lyrics to make sure I was understanding what I thought I heard. Because, we all know if he cheats WITH you, he'll cheat ON you! I even told her if it didn't work that I would gladly bow out and she could have him. I'm actually doing really well on my own and really happy with my life (without him) but my little boy is confused and scared by the changes in his world.Popularity doesn't make you great, it makes you like everyone else.I was awakened that morning by cell phone beeping, I took it from under my pillow and I had a text, it was from Josh.. Then he met his current girlfriend, well fiance, Jenna. I don't wish bad things upon them, but unfortunately, my trusty ol' friend Karma has paid both of them many visits this past i remember the first time i watched the music video for this song. but enough about that.i can relate to the song in a really twisted way.

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so i took the dream as a sign from the Man Upstairs telling me to break up with her. )I believe it's about how Hayley had a crush on one of her band mates. And he met this girl and she was hot, smart and she knew the Hayley liked him. The video for this would be a lot better if it were not for the fact that Hayley herself was the other girl. I searched for a t-shirt to wear until I finally found one, it was a white one Josh and me had spray painted "RIOT! I got out of my bunk and grabbed a pair of grey skinnies from the bunk underneath, they were mine but I just threw them down there..Now she had him and was not letting go and the "other girl" wanted him back and was heated at the fact that she mess it up for her. She tries to prove it by stealing someone else's boyfriend and pretending that she's having his kid.It's not his child and she leaves him, she still likes him and wants him back, but she's ashamed of herself.

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