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Second, also the number of strokes was reduced a little after statin treatment, although no studies have shown that a high cholesterol is a risk factor for stroke.

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If you take a statin tablet every day you can increase your chance to 98.8%.Said in another way, the risk of dying from a heart attack during five years if you are about 55 years old and if your cholesterol is around 272 mg per dl (7 meq/l) is 1.8%.With pravastatin treatment the risk is reduced to 1.2%.In the treatment group of the 4S trial five percent, or 111 individuals, died from a heart attack; in the control group 8.5 percent, or 189 individuals, died, a difference, or a risk reduction of 3.5%.To prevent these 3.5% of the patients (8.5% – 5%) or 78 individuals, from dying it was necessary to treat 2221 individuals during five years.

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