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She had her own living quarters, revenues, and a large staff.

Three other groups of women lives in separate quarters: the other legal wives, royal princesses, and concubines.

Several European Renaissance paintings dating to the 16th century defy Orientalist tropes and portray the women of the Ottoman harem as individuals of status and political significance.

The word has been recorded in the English language since early 17th century.

Istanbul's Topkapı Palace housed several hundred eunuchs in the late-sixteenth century.

The practice of secluding women was common to many ancient near eastern communities, especially where polygamy was permitted.

A peculiar characteristic of the Sasanian royalty and aristocracy, which was attested in later times under the Safavid and Qajar empires, was that the highest female rank was not necessarily given to the chief wife, but could be held by a daughter or a sister.

Of all the Persian kings, Khosrow II was the most extravagant in his hedonism.

night station or place where one spends the night).

The chief consort, who was usually the mother of the heir to the throne, was in charge of the household.

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