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Here are some statistics from our event: We had […] Summer Mix n’ Connect Wrap-Up! We had over 50 attendees come to the event to network, make new friends, or maybe grab a phone number or two.

Toasted and Roasted was pumping out the cold brew as we made conversation in their cool space – both in temperature and ambiance!

This is heavily influenced by socio-economic status, and sometimes one’s […] Continue Reading » First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day!

May this day be full of reminders on how you accept and give love to others!

The other type identifies a dater who's seeking all of the same pleasurable experiences, and likely includes ever-changing partners.

The difference is that the latter type believes that dating can lead to finding someone with whom he connects on multiple levels.

I remember sitting in my office toying with the idea of planning something special for myself, but didn’t want to spend […] Continue Reading » Through the years, I hung onto the fact that I was never “pretty” enough to be at the cool kids table in the lunchroom.

I never felt like I was quite one of the most powerful gay men I wanted to be in my early years.

Making the distinction requires considering how and why you date.

As I […] Continue Reading » Man Seeking Man and Kindness “The only people who didn’t love her were the people who hadn’t met her yet.” I recount one bittersweet recent Sunday.

I couldn’t help but remain sadly nostalgic about the passing of my […] m4m: Make Your Move I revert back to my single days and try to notice if I was at fault at not making the move of my pawn or knight correctly or fast enough, or to even finish the game at all.

We had an *amazing* turnout at our annual Holiday Mix n’ Mingle.

We had over 40 guests that networked, made new friends, and also got away with a few phone numbers – now that’s the holiday spirit!

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