Frustrating waiting for call dating

That should keep you nice and strong for at least a few hours. Post a comment below or follow Jess on Twitter to get your answer!Because nothing is more frustrating than waiting a week to hear from a guy, only to have him ignore your call back to him. He’s not calling back quickly because he’s got a hot date with someone else.If you’ve only had a date or two its not that big a deal.So what is really going on when a guy doesn’t call for days?Here are six reasons why your phone is not ringing.You’d rather call and lose a bit of your pride than not call and worry about it for the next three weeks.We’ve all been there, and there is no shame in that place.

You were finally going to stand your ground and do something different. And while you planned this all out in your head, you felt good about it. How can you win this internal battle with yourself and come out victorious? You could hang up of course, but if he doesn’t call you back after that, then what?

You are stressed, nervous, sad, and angry all at the same time. You walk around with a cloud over your head, and no matter what else you do to keep yourself occupied, it’s still there. Then suddenly all that emotional build up is wiped away. He’s called (or in many cases, texted.) You are satisfied for the moment. But then, not ten minutes later all the angst is back. Is it possible you could push him even further away at this point? Now you have to make the right play or you could ruin everything! For whatever reason, earlier you decided that this guy did not deserve a call back, either right away or maybe at all.

Now the emotional stress is even more unbearable because it’s contingent on you. While you were waiting you gathered all the evidence you needed to support your decision.

The best way to ensure that he will pick up his phone or reply to your text is to wait a long enough amount of time so that when he sees your number finally pop up he thinks, “ At that point, he won’t want to miss his chance to talk.

So next time you are struggling with the no call back, just envision this scenario. Do you have a burning question about hooking up, texting, or getting to commitment?

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